5 Funny but All-Too-Real Reasons Why Parents Hire Tutors

Having a tutor is a luxury–There’s no doubt about it. Deciding whether it’s time to sign your child up for tutoring sessions tends to be a process where parents (like yourself) are up late at night, asking themselves a myriad of questions:

  • Does my child really need a tutor, or is he/she just going through a rough patch?
  • Should I hire a tutor when it just seems like my child’s real issue is a lack of motivation?
  • Is hiring a tutor worth it, or should I just do it myself?
  • Would my child respond better to a tutor than they do to me or my spouse?
  • Will my child be able to keep up/catch up without outside help?

As conclusions are drawn, messages from concerned and even frustrated parents start to appear in Thrive’s Facebook and Gmail inboxes, blazing like SOS signals on a deserted shore.

Petrina Ulla was one of those parents who thought hard for a moment before dousing her SOS signal with kerosene and lighting a match. She’d been homeschooling her teenage boys their entire lives; but toward the end of her youngest’s sophomore year, she decided to change things up:

“Noah has been homeschooled his whole school career (preschool to 11th grade). After homeschooling for so long, you come to realize there are times when your child could learn something more easily or better from someone else. Noah was getting bogged down in Biology. After praying about what to do to inspire him for a month or so, someone suggested tutoring. It was a lightbulb moment! Yes! Jessica can teach Noah! I turned on Facebook to contact Jessica, and saw that she had a promotion going. No brainer! Noah was able to get through two chapters of his Biology with ease with Jessica’s help. He finished the work he needed to before the end of the school year. Noah appreciated Jessica’s teaching style, and worked well with her and for her. If your student is struggling, get them some extra help. They just might need to hear their math explained differently, or just need another source of encouragement to get them over a learning hurdle. I would (and do) recommend Jessica, and her staff. It’s reassuring for me to know that when Noah or I hit a roadblock, we have someone to call on for assistance.

– Petrina Ulla, Guam (December 2017)

Petrina’s reasons for getting in touch with us at Thrive are not far off from what we hear from other parents.

Here are five funny, but all-too-real reasons why parents are contacting Thrive to help their kids with schoolwork:

  • Convenience of having someone else take care of it

When the tutor comes a-callin’, it’s prime time for moms and dads to prepare dinner, take the dogs out, pay attention to the other children, or get chores done around the house without being interrupted. Suddenly, there’s time to get that work project done, or to send out some last-minute emails. Slogging through you freshman’s Algebra homework is simply no longer on the to-do list.

  • Feeling unqualified or overwhelmed

“I don’t remember learning it that way!” or, “I never took that class in high school,”  are comments we tutors hear a lot from parents who are trying to help their children with their homework… It’s been a few years since graduation, huh? It’s hard to remember how to do stuff you haven’t done in years, or to help with material you’re just not familiar with. Being able to rely on a tutor to take over instead gives our clients a sense of relief.

  • They want to homeschool their kids, but, “Mommy has to go to work,” or, “Mommy just doesn’t have the patience.”

At Thrive, we’re especially partial to families who want to homeschool, and we know that the pressure you feel as a homeschooling parent is very great. The path becomes all the more doable when there’s a flexible tutor on hand, either in the mornings, or in the afternoons.

  • They need someone to ease the tension between them and their child

Because parents want so badly for their children to succeed in school, tension often arises, which only a third party could alleviate. Maybe a child responds better to “outsiders” than they do to their own parents when it comes to homework. Hiring a tutor to not only provide academic support, but also to act as a buffer (by default) can result in students focusing more on their work and performing better on their assignments.

  • They want their kids to feel good about themselves, and confident in their work

When children are struggling to keep up in school, it can take a toll on their self-esteem, and cause stress and concern for their parents. Having a tutor can not only relieve the parental stress, but also supply the help and the third party point of view children need to come to understand the concepts they’re struggling with, and to even become confident in their performance.

Some of these reasons might seem a little embarrassing to you parents; but after being a tutor for four years, you can be sure you have my sympathy and understanding! If you, or one of your friends feel exasperated with the whole educating-your-own-kid thing, we at Thrive feel you. It’s normal, and we’re here to help.

All the best,

Jessica Rohr

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P.P.S. If you aren’t up late at night, thinking about whether your child needs a tutor, but you know of someone who is, share this post with them, so that they know someone saw their SOS, glowing in the darkness of their decision-making process.