Work with Us

Jessica Rohr founded Thrive Tutoring Services in 2015. Together with her fellow tutor and business partner, Sabrina Eclavea, and their growing team of tutors, Jessica has been able to help students of all ages from all over the island of Guam.

Thrive offers one-on-one and group tutoring. We meet our clients in their homes or at alternative locations that are suitable for the client and tutor. We are flexible and do not use a curriculum because each of our clients have unique needs. We would love to see if Thrive could assist you with your studies!


  • Pre-School through High School (study/homework/homeschool)
  • SAT
  • College
  • GRE


  • One-on-one sessions are $27*-$30 an hour
  • Group sessions are an additional $10 per hour, per student

*Rate decreases to $27 an hour for clients who schedule 5 or more tutoring hours per week.

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