Thrive Tutoring Services

Thrive is a customizable, convenient tutoring service for individuals and families seeking help with their studies.

“Noah has been homeschooled his whole school career (preschool to 11th grade). After homeschooling for so long, you come to realize there are times when your child could learn something more easily or better from someone else. Noah was getting bogged down in Biology. After praying about what to do to inspire him for a month or so, someone suggested tutoring. It was a lightbulb moment! Yes! Jessica can teach Noah! I turned on Facebook to contact Jessica, and saw that she had a promotion going. No brainer! Noah was able to get through two chapters of his Biology with ease with Jessica’s help. He finished the work he needed to before the end of the school year. Noah appreciated Jessica’s teaching style, and worked well with her and for her. If your student is struggling, get them some extra help. They just might need to hear their math explained differently, or just need another source of encouragement to get them over a learning hurdle. I would (and do) recommend Jessica, and her staff. It’s reassuring for me to know that when Noah or I hit a roadblock, we have someone to call on for assistance.

Petrina U., Guam